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Our Six Step Process

Our investment management and financial planning process allows us to establish a relationship with you in order to understand your goals by asking the following questions: 

1. Who are you? 

The single most important part of our job is listening. It is the foundation on which a good relationship is built, which is why you do all the talking in our first meeting.

2. Where are you headed? What are your dreams, goals, and priorities? 

We work with you every step of the way on your financial journey.

3. What does your current financial picture look like?

We look at both sides of your balance sheet, evaluate and analyze the data, and uncover all of the ways in which we can help you achieve your vision of success.

Once we have an understanding of your financial goals we will then:

4. Make Recommendations

We make smart investment allocation recommendations customized to your specific financial goals, time horizons and risk tolerance.

5. Implement Your Plan

We will implement a plan that works for you and your financial success.

6. Monitor

We monitor your investment portfolio and financial plan to ensure that they align with changes in your goals along life’s journey.

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